When our managing member, Simpson Doakes, needed non-emergency medical transport after an accident, he was horrified that the simple process of driving a person from his home to the doctor’s office was so complicated by paperwork and so inefficient it left patients stranded!

When he recovered in 2008, he and his partner, Will Johnson, founded J&J Mobile Services, a Veteran Owned business, which today is a leader and innovator in Non Emergency Medical Transportation. Early in 2011, J&J Transport expanded to offer Courier and Same-Day Delivery Service.

Simpson Doakes, a Vietnam Veteran, was awarded a National Defense Service Medal. Doakes has worked in the automotive repair and transportation services industry for more than 43 years. Will Johnson, Co-Owner of J&J Transport worked in the transportation industry for over 15 years.

Both of them understand the importance of safety, timeliness and customer service. It is their personal touch that makes J&J the transportation service of choice.